How to listen

There are many ways to listen to Loose Leaf Security!

If you're looking for guidance about which parts of Loose Leaf Security to start listening to, you might want to check out our archives for some suggestions on where to start and a complete list of our episodes, articles, and reference materials. Alternatively, you can see our episodes sorted by release date, starting with the most recent episode first.

Subscribe in a podcast client

The easiest way to listen to Loose Leaf Security regularly and get new episodes as they come out is to subscribe in a podcast client. You can find our podcast on many podcast clients, including Acast, Apple Podcasts, Google Play, iHeartRadio, Overcast, Pocket Casts, Spotify, Stitcher, Subscribe on Android, and TuneIn.

If you use another podcast client, try searching for "Loose Leaf Security", and if you can't find our podcast there, please let us know by emailing You may also be able to subscribe directly via our RSS feed.

Stream our episodes online

The easiest way to try out listening to our podcast is to simply stream our episodes in your web browser. Head to any episode's page from your phone or computer and hit the "play" button.

While streaming is very convenient for sampling our podcast, it won't get you updates about new episodes. To get updates about our new episodes, we'd recommend subscribing in a podcast client or subscribing to our weekly newsletter, which also includes our practical security tip of the week, short summaries of relevant security news, and any thought-provoking articles we've seen about digital privacy and security. You can also get updates from us by following us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook or subscribing to our RSS feed for both episodes and articles in your favorite RSS reader.

Downloading our episodes

If you'd rather organize your audio files yourself, an mp3 of each episode can be downloaded from its episode page.


If you prefer reading to listening, we always make episode transcripts available for free. We release each episode's transcript at the same time as the audio version, and the transcript can be found on the episode page after the show notes.