Loose Leaf Security is a podcast about making good computer security practice for everyone. We believe you don't need to be a software engineer or security professional to understand how to keep your devices and data safe. In every episode, we tackle a typical security concern or walk you through a recent incident.

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New to Loose Leaf Security and can't decide where to begin?

  • If you're not currently using a password manager, we'd recommend starting with "Securing your online account passwords" (May 29, 2018). We discuss the value of unique, strong passwords and how you can easily manage them by using a password manager.
  • If you've already put your passwords in a password manager, but haven't started using two-factor authentication, try "Two-factor authentication and account recovery" (June 12, 2018).
  • If you're interested in a neat history lesson, check out "The history of the Web and an introduction to browser security" (July 24, 2018). This episode isn't just about history, though - understanding the web broswer security model and its limitations will help you make safer choices while surfing the web.
  • If you have a specific topic in mind that isn't on this list, check out our archives page to see a complete list of episodes we've released.

Liz Denys and Geoffrey Thomas where they record the podcast

Loose Leaf Security is an independently created and produced podcast hosted by Liz Denys and Geoffrey Thomas. It is produced by Liz Denys.

Our logo was designed by Liz with design input from Geoffrey, and our episode art is by Liz. The episode music is based on excerpts of "Venus: The Bringer of Peace", from Gustav Holst's original two-piano arrangement of The Planets, and was arranged by Liz.

If you have a security topic you'd like for us to cover, you can send us an email at looseleafsecurity@looseleafsecurity.com. We're also on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook at @LooseLeafSecure if you'd rather connect with us there.