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Our latest episode:

Covering your webcams

Liz and Geoffrey take a look at how attackers compromise webcams and discuss why it's worth physically covering them. Malware and alleged threats of malware are only some of the avenues attackers take to access other people's webcams; vulnerabilities in legitimate software, like the recent Zoom security flaw, can also be exploited. Additionally, sharing ownership of your devices with another party like your school district or workplace may leave you and your webcams exposed. In the news, the FTC fines Facebook, weaknesses in Apple's iMessage and Visual Voicemail, and U2F support added to Firefox for Android.

Covering your webcams episode art

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Our latest article:

Loose Leaf Security Weekly, Issue 28

Happy April! Though the world around us seems to be on hold in many ways, security and privacy news isn't slowing down - we're pretty happy to see lots of media attention on Zoom, which we discuss in detail in this newsletter. Also, attackers and miscreants can do their work just as well from home, so there's been no shortage of security updates.

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Tip of the week

Among the many types of corporate misbehavior in response to the pandemic is a sudden popularity of software that spies on your personal computer to "ensure" that you're still working. We discussed this sort of thing in our episode "Covering your webcams," in which we also covered the case of a school district that had installed camera-monitoring software on the laptops they sent home with students. Another common case of remote-monitoring spyware is for so-called "online proctored" exams: schools and colleges are often requiring students to install software that both watches their activity on the computer and watches them by webcam. In the episode, we suggested that - if possible - we'd try to get a work-owned or school-owned laptop …

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