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Our latest episode:

Covering your webcams

Liz and Geoffrey take a look at how attackers compromise webcams and discuss why it's worth physically covering them. Malware and alleged threats of malware are only some of the avenues attackers take to access other people's webcams; vulnerabilities in legitimate software, like the recent Zoom security flaw, can also be exploited. Additionally, sharing ownership of your devices with another party like your school district or workplace may leave you and your webcams exposed. In the news, the FTC fines Facebook, weaknesses in Apple's iMessage and Visual Voicemail, and U2F support added to Firefox for Android.

Covering your webcams episode art

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Our latest article:

Loose Leaf Security Weekly, Issue 15

It's finally snowing (at least where we are), and soon there will be enough snow to build a snowman. Be careful with giving your snowman a corncob pipe and a button nose, though. Those distinctive features can be easily identified by facial recognition cameras, and if your snowman plans to run and have some fun past the traffic cop who hollers, "Stop," it will make him much easier to track. Your neighbors' smart doorbells might even be sending video of his face straight to the police department. It's much safer to stick with the classic carrot nose if you want Frosty to be back again someday.

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Tip of the week

When you're traveling or otherwise away from your home or office all day, you may find your phone's battery drained before you get back to your normal charging locations. USB charging stations are increasingly common, especially at airports or train stations, but since USB connections were designed to transfer power and data, it's possible that "charging-only" USB port will try to plant malware on your device or access your files - an attack known as …

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